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Rüsselsheim am Main

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The city of Rüsselsheim am Main is the biggest city in the Groß-Gerau district of the Darmstadt Area within the Rhine-Main region, the tenth largest city in the state of Hesse, and part of the Frankfurt city region. The city houses 66,000 inhabitants and is one of the seven special status cities of the State of Hessen. And you can fulfill your erotic desires as well. It’s all legal and safe to call an escort companion to your hotel room for some sexual entertainment or relaxation like body massage and you will get Incall and Outcall both services available for your convenient choice and comfort. If you call an escort to your hotel room or apartment she can be there in 30 minutes when your booking is confirmed and you can have an unforgettable date in Rüsselsheim am Main.

On July 30, 2015, the city of Rüsselsheim officially renamed itself Rüsselsheim am Main. The Hessian Ministry of the Interior and Sport approved the city of Rüsselsheim’s proposal for this. The beneficial occupancy of the Main as a natural, leisure, and economic component is the basis for the addition to the name. The use of the name extension “a. M.” may be traced back in time. In the early part of the sixth century, a Franconian village gave rise to Rüsselsheim. “Rucilesheim,” which translates as “Home des Ruciles or Rucilin,” was first recorded in an inventory of royal rights of use, the Lorsch Reichsurba, in approximately 840. Rüsselsheim fell into an undesirable peripheral location as a result of the transfer of power to the Landgraviate of Hesse, and the town grew little. Rüsselsheim became a Protestant as part of the Reformation since it was a part of Hesse. There were some indicators of economic progress around the end of the 16th century. In the period of early industrialization, in 1785 the first company to be named was a so-called rabbit hair tailor. In addition to other businesses, a coconut mat firm was founded in 1861, which led to the formation of the Stöckische Teppichfabrik, which lasted until after World War II. After Opel, the chicory factory was the oldest and most important industrial firm. Founded in 1819, the company manufactured coffee replacement from chicory roots and operated until 1925. During the First World War and the subsequent years, the populace was subjected to poverty and despair. The Rhineland and adjacent territories, including Rüsselsheim, were seized by French soldiers under the terms of the Versailles Treaty. In these conditions, separatist currents flourished, propagating the link to a Rhenish republic to be established.

Rüsselsheim am Main is a beautiful city to uncover but first you will need to find a place to stay where you can unwind and relax. Luckily, Rüsselsheim am Main has many properties for you to choose from such as the luxurious 4-star Michel Hotel Frankfurt Airport. This hotel along with offering large, comfortable and cozy rooms provides you with facilities such as a café and bar, proximity to the airport, free parking and wifi along with a pet friendly atmosphere that will surely make you feel right at home. You could also opt to stay at the 4 star mk hotel rüsselsheim which also provides endless amenities that you can avail such as a fitness center, a terrace, a bar and restaurant which serves a continental breakfast and cuisine, and so much more. 

Once you have settled in and had a moment to catch your breath, it’s time to have your breath taken away by the sights to see in the city of Rüsselsheim am Main. A visit to Rüsselsheim would be incomplete without learning about its rich history. Rüsselsheim’s art and cultural events will provide you with an understanding of the city’s history, customs, and artwork. While visiting Rüsselsheim’s cultural attractions will provide you with information, attending its artistic activities will keep you entertained.

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The huge hall of the Rüsselsheim City Theater has 865 seats in the stalls and on the floor. The repertoire of the theater comprises drama, concert, opera, operetta, musical, ballet, and dance. It is just a guest theater because it lacks its own ensemble. Architecturally, it stands out because of the two ellipses that connect in the upper third. It is a stunning structure that has a significant influence on the cityscape. The Rüsselsheim city library is located to the left of the municipal theater. Every year in June, the Rüsselsheim Film Festival is hosted at a theater. It is Germany’s only film festival dedicated to humorous short films. 

The renovated Opel villas on the banks of the Main, a blend of monument protection and modern construction, provide space for exhibits (particularly painting and photography) and activities. This is where the Opel Villas Foundation is currently situated. The foundation’s stated goal is to present modern art, which should be the emphasis of the exhibition. The board of directors and curator is the Frankfurt art historian Dr. Beate Kemfert, who has led the Opel villas to become a well-known exhibition venue in the region. The people of Rüsselsheim also support the Opel villas. Over 160 people have joined the Circle of Friends.

Dr. Storsberg, the then-mayor, dedicated a memorial vineyard on Frankfurter Strasse in 1980. The Rheingau Viticulture Association celebrated the first mention of the Riesling grape variety in 1435 in a vineyard south of the castle with a new plant. The Künstler winery, a member of the Rüsselsheim winegrowing fraternity, still cultivates Rüsselsheimer Riesling there today. The historical entry may be found in the regesta of the Counts von Katzenelnbogen, a collection of over 6000 papers compiled by Wiesbaden state archivist Karl E. Demandt during 20 years of archival labor.

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