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It is the northernmost locale of Frankfurt, far nearer to Bad Vilbel or Bad Homburg and to a great extent connected to the Wetterau as far as land and economy. Twelve ranches and different planting places are the fundamental businesses, and some repatriate ranches are assembled around the town. In spite of the country climate, Nieder-Erlenbach has old and huge homes of Frankfurt aristocrats, like the old house of Glauburg and the von Lerner home, a former palace-like domain. Nieder-Erlenbach, to which the Erlenbach gives its name, was at long last consolidated in 1972. The 1,200-year-old town has still held its town character, with thin roads and half-wooded houses. There is still no tram association, maybe a justification for the peaceful serenity. It is situated in the southern lower regions of the Wetterau on the Erlenbach of a similar name, the right feeder of the Nidda. The Frankfurt Hauptwache is around 9 kilometers away, Bad Vilbel (city center) about 2.5 kilometers. Petterweil is 3 km toward the north. After Dortelweil the east there are similarly as after Frankfurt-Nieder-Eschbach km toward the west about second Frankfurt-Harheim is in the southwest and Massenheim in the southeast – every 2 km away. FrankfurtBabes is a very popular escort agency in Nieder-erlenbach that is known for providing real and authentic photos of all their little escorts in Frankfurt that are full of luxury and sophistication.

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