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Pfungstadt has an off-the-beaten-path appearance that lures you into the town’s heart. The historic structures date back to 735 and are often constructed of red, pink, and white brick. The hills of the Odenwald rise in the distance, and everything appears calm and pastoral. 

Pfungstadt was first recorded in the Lorsch Codex on May 18, 785. Pfungstadt’s town hall was erected in 1614 and finished in 1618. Large portions of the hamlet were destroyed to rubble and ashes during the Thirty Years War. The industrialization of Pfungstadt began with the creation of a Krappfabrik in the 18th century, which was characterized from 1845 by the ultramarine factory of Wilhelm Büchner and the Pfungstädter brewery of Justus Hildebrand, as well as match, cigar and brick production. Pfungstadt was connected to the Rhein-Neckar-Bahn with a “secondary railway,” the Pfungstadtbahn, thanks to Büchner’s work in the Hessen-Darmstadt state parliament, and it was elevated to town on December 20, 1886. Pfungstadt was never especially rural, owing to the weak sandy soil, and was mostly a city of artisans and laborers. Production of the American soldiers’ newspaper called Stars and Stripes which began in Pfungstadt immediately after the capture by American forces in March 1945. Due to the inflow of displaced individuals from the once German territories in the east, Pfungstadt’s population increased fast. Large population areas arose, and for the first time, Catholicism played a significant role. With the 1948 currency change, an upswing began. Well-known industrial enterprises relocated or were established, and home building was encouraged. The previously separate villages of Hahn and Eschollbrücken were merged into Pfungstadt as part of Hesse’s regional reform.

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Walk around the hills and look down on the town, admiring the towers and cobblestones. The river maintains everything green, and the buildings appear to be harmoniously integrated into the scenery. Hikers and photographers are drawn to the remnants of bygone grandeur on the distant slopes, with crumbling walls and towers. The 14th-century gallows served as the Middle Ages execution site for the Pfungstadt Central Court, which was first recorded in writing in 1442. In 1603 three brick and plastered pillars replaced the original timber structure. Wooden planks linked by ropes were attached to the pillars, which were also tied to the ropes.

Isn’t it difficult to think that monsters dwell here? And a pretty bloody murder at that. The primary monster is old, but well-known. You’ve probably heard about Frankenstein from novels or movies. The actual destroyed castle may be seen at Pfungstadt. Newer monster murder stories have also been developed as a collaborative effort by the municipality as a civic project in which everyone contributed content for two books. They did murder mysteries, of course! You may get copies of “Red Cherries – Asparagus Dead” or “Murder and Blood Sausage” from your local bookstore, and the staff will be happy to tell you all about it. 

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Stroll through the old town with the book in hand, then sit down at one of the brewpubs to read it alongside the drink. You may enjoy the pleasure of tasting history. The brewery has been in operation for almost 175 years and produced some of Germany’s very first bottom-brewed beer. Pfungstädter is the name of the native beverage, which is accessible all over the world. It is brewed in town, and brewery tours are offered. It is one of the country’s major private brewers. They also make the Köthener beer and have festivities in the fall for tastings.

You may add to the surprise by visiting the Hesse Small Zoo or the communal swimming pool. It may sound strange to advocate a trip to the municipal pool, but the one in Pfungstadt has a twist. A wave generator has been installed into the pool, offering a break from the ordinary and the opportunity for mild surfing in Frankenstein land!

The old synagogue at Hill Gasse 8 was constructed between 1815 and 1820. [43] The repaired ceiling is adorned with golden stars that have been painted in a brilliant blue with Wilhelm Büchner’s ultramarine. During the pogrom night of November 9, 1938, the synagogue was plundered and desecrated, and the interior was destroyed. However, owing to the close vicinity of adjacent structures, it was not destroyed.