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First Anal Sex Experience Of Autumn

My First Time Anal Experience in Frankfurt - Autumn

My First Time Anal Experience

My name is Autumn and I have been working with Frankfurt Babes Escort Agency for a while now. I want to share my first anal sex experience with everyone. I had been seeing a man who was older than me for some time when it happened. We had a great connection and he knew how to show me a good time. Despite the age gap, we were well-suited for each other. He was honest with me from the start, and we had a memorable evening at his apartment. He was amazed by my body and we had passionate sex. We eventually explored anal sex, which was a new experience for both of us. It was intense and pleasurable, and it became a favorite activity for us. We had many fun and sensual moments together. Although he eventually got back together with his wife, I will always cherish the time we spent together.

Alright, this man was two decades older than me, which might sound like a big age gap, but we just clicked. Although he was married, he and his wife had separated amicably and chose to remain married. He was completely transparent with me from the start when we first met at a classy bar in the city center.

We had a lengthy conversation while perched on tall bar stools, struggling to hear each other over the music. As the evening progressed, we chose to go to his well-lit apartment with a stunning open layout. Inside, there was an impressive oak bed adorned with lovely white sheets. We continued our conversation over a glass of red wine before he undressed me and led me to the bedroom.

I got on top of him without any clothes on and unzipped his pants, he was thrilled watching my body. He mentioned that he hadn’t seen a body like mine before. He touched my small, firm breasts and ran his hands over me as I guided him inside me. I was very aroused, and he slid all the way inside me, causing him to moan with pleasure. I rode his rigid cock up and down, keeping my hands on his chest as I did so.

On a particular evening, as we sipped wine and enjoyed a cozy fire, we snuggled under a blanket, both unclothed, while watching a film. As we touched each other gently beneath the cover, he inserted his fingers into me, and I simultaneously stroked his penis.

The kissing was extremely passionate, and we both breathed heavily while trying to restrain our sighs.

He tenderly inserted a finger into my rear, evoking an intense sensation, causing me to moan blissfully and bite my lip. As he penetrated my ass, his arousal grew further, and his penis swelled beneath the blanket.

We moved to the carpeted floor near the cozy fireplace, and he initiated an intimate act, which was highly sensual. Our bodies were comfortably warm as his tongue skillfully stimulated my sensitive area. The contrast between my youthful physique and his mature skin was evident.

I was on the brink of climax as he pleasured my vagina and inserted his finger into my rear, feeling completely submissive while he was completely enthralled by me.

He requested that I assume a quadruped position, which I followed, and he delicately glided his erect penis over my anal opening. I instructed him to penetrate me, and we retrieved our preferred lubricant to facilitate the process. As he carefully inserted his engorged penis into my tight rear passage, we both enjoyed the intimate experience.

In previous conversations, he mentioned that his former spouse had never been interested in engaging in anal intercourse, so this was a new experience for him as well.

Remaining in a quadruped position, I could sense the pressure mounting around my buttocks, while my vagina pulsates with arousal and becomes wet. Despite my desire, I felt a strong craving for anal penetration. He continued to slowly enter me, aided by the anal lubricant, preparation, and his gentle touch. Eventually, he smoothly penetrated my anus, causing a pleasurable sensation that elicited groans of enjoyment from both of us. As he gently moved back and forth, I urged him to pick up the pace and began bouncing on his penis.

The sensation was much tighter, reminiscent of the feeling of being a virgin. He expressed his inability to resist ejaculating, but I insisted he hold back and wait. Continuing with my thrusts, he grasped my waist and squeezed my buttocks.

Recognizing his struggle to restrain himself from climaxing, I decided not to prolong his discomfort. Consequently, I allowed him to ejaculate within my anal cavity, which filled me with warm, dripping fluid that trickled down my leg. He leaned over me, panting, and tenderly withdrew from me.

This experience brought forth an intense passion for both of us, and anal sex became our preferred activity. The sensation was gratifying for us, and we discovered immense enjoyment. Among my favorite moments were when he would penetrate my anus while simultaneously inserting a lifelike dildo into my vagina, creating the illusion of intercourse with two men. This remains a fantasy I still aspire to realize.

I cherished all the moments shared with that man, even though it was disappointing when he reconciled with his wife. I am confident that he recalls our time together fondly, and perhaps he still indulges in pleasurable memories of my youthful physique while masturbating.

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