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In southeast Hesse, the Barbarossastadt Gelnhausen is the district town of the Main-Kinzig region. On the eastern fringe of the Rhine-Main area, the old imperial metropolis is midway between Frankfurt am Main and Fulda. Gelnhausen had a pivotal role in ancient German history, influencing Germany’s overall character to this day. 

The year 1133 is the earliest trustworthy documented reference of Gelnhausen as Geilenhusen. A branch of the aristocratic family of Reginbodones called themselves Gelnhausen in the first part of the 12th century. Emperor Friedrich I established Gelnhausen as a planned city complex in 1170. This was accomplished by combining three settlements on the Kinzig hill north of the Kinzig, one of which was known as “Gelnhausen.” A road network was planned up for the new Gelnhausen, and a wall was built around it. Legally, the foundation occurred as a result of the given municipal charter. The foundation was especially noteworthy because an imperial palace was erected on an island in the Kinzigniederung. This hosted a historically significant Reichstag in 1180, during which Heinrich the Lion was deposed. After the venue, the associated certificate is known as the Gelnhausen certificate. Imperial trade benefits, such as duty exemption, resulted in merchants moving there and a rapid economic growth and expansion. 52 individuals were victims of the Gelnhausen witch trials, which took place from 1574 to 1634. Thirty-one names have survived. In 1596 and 1597, there were waves of litigation as at least 15 women and one male were persecuted. To commemorate the unfairness of the witch trials, Gelnhausen has three memorial plaques and two statues in various sites. Gelnhausen moved to the newly formed state of Hesse in 1945. Gelnhausen first lost its position as a district town as part of Hesse’s regional restructuring. Gelnhausen was included into the district of Main-Kinzig.

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Now that you’re all settled in, it’s time to set off into the town of Gelnhausen. Gelnhausen’s ancient town was originally entirely secured by town walls, two of them, in fact. During the assaults, the space between them was utilized as a pasture for animals. If the weather is fine and clear, some of the town wall may still be climbed on to enjoy the wonderful views across the town and all the way to Frankfurt. Since Simon and I visited Romanesque sights in Germany, which can be found on the Transromantic list, we have become more conscious of the significance of this time in architecture.

Gelnhausen is steeped with history. The town used to be renowned as a highly affluent town, full of traders and wealthy stone city inhabitants who resided in splendid stone built mansions. Unfortunately, and as a result of the Thirty Years’ War, there are few stone homes surviving, which have been replaced with half-timbered dwellings. Half-timbered houses may appear beautiful now, but they were, nevertheless, farmer’s and poor men’s houses. All of the homes you see today are original, as Gelnhausen was not destroyed during WWII due to a lack of industry.

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The German Fairy Tale Route is a product that was developed in 1975 that connects many cities, regions, and national parks with legends, fairy tales, and the famous Grimm brothers. It is 600 kilometers long and connects the city of Hanau in central Germany to the city of Bremen in northern Germany. The route also passes through Gelnhausen. Not far from the town is a tiny town called Steinau an der Strasse, which is most known for the brothers Grimm. Their museum is housed in a house where the brothers Grimm, together with their whole family, resided as children. The museum is well-designed, but everything is in German.

An adventure park on more than 25 hectares may be located around 10 kilometers from Gelnhausen. It is designed for children aged 3 to 13 years old, thanks to its various attractions. All of the attractions were included in the admission fee, as was parking for our car. Inside the Adventure Park Steinau, there are also BBQ areas where you may make your own food and have a picnic.

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