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Coronavirus: How do Sex Workers keep Safe During Pandemic?

Coronavirus How do Sex Workers keep Safe During Pandemic

What is Coronavirus? 

A global pandemic that has had the world on its toes for almost a year now known as Covid 19 or more commonly known as the coronavirus has been a disease that has affected the world in many different ways. The pandemic is a strain of the virus and is contagious which is why governments all over the world have taken strict actions towards stopping it and also stopping it from spreading. The main age group that is most affected by this virus are either old people above 65 or young children, basically anyone with a weak immune system. However, restrictions apply to everyone as each human body has the capability of turning into hosts and contributing to its spread. The government applied many rules amongst which the most important ones were to wear masks and to practice social distancing. Flights and transportation were stopped, schools and universities were closed down, and amongst all of this, the escort business took a major hit as locals were not allowed to avail of the services of the escort due to the strict standard operating procedures imposed by the local government. 

How Does It Affect the Escort Industry? 

The escort industry is one that relies on men looking for love and escort models providing them with pleasure and affection that can provide them with the best escort service and companionship that they are unable to find anywhere else. However, one of the things that we take responsibility for as an escort firm is to ensure the safety of our clients and as the government had imposed extremely strict regulations no one in the entire industry could provide the customers and clients with the services that they were looking for. A huge part of the client category that utilizes the escort service provided in Frankfurt are tourists that are visiting the city due to business reasons or even pleasure reasons which is why until the regulations were strict and traveling was not permitted in Frankfurt as a business and public attraction sights were closed it meant that all the businesses that provided adult entertainment services such as bars and clubs along with whorehouses and strip clubs all had to shut down. This meant the escort business which had to be completely shut down for a time being. The regulations did start to ease up after a while but much like any business, it took quite a while before the business was booming as usual, and that too after many improvements were made to the safety of the client and the models. 

Some Basic Precautions to Have Sex with an Escort

As a reputed escort agency, we have to look at the safety of both our clients and our models and to provide a safe environment for both so that they can have a pleasurable session without any complications. Once the government enabled the business to resume many standard operating procedures were to be taken into account so that the customer and the model felt looked after and understood the need of taking precautions. Many clients were encouraged to opt for outcall escort services so that when combined with the hygiene and cleaning crew of a hotel they can have a much safer environment to work in. many sexual practices were requested to be kept out of the bookings such as French kissing, cuddling and smooching which allowed reducing mouth to mouth contact or close body contact for long periods. The models also ensured that before each session they had a thorough examination which involved a body checkup along with a covid test to ensure that they were not carrying the virus and could perform the services that the client required without any complications. The models at the firm were kept in close observations in between each session and were not allowed to be available to provide sexual services if they showed the smallest symptoms of the virus or even of fatigue. With the models, the clients could be sure that they could not be affected by the virus in any way. 

Alternatives to Sex along with Private Prostitute

When it comes to sexual pleasure amongst humans there are many different ways in which you can have an amazing time and ensure that the service you are getting provides you with the best possible pleasure. Of course with the global pandemic still a huge threat to everyone there were many alternatives provided to the clients, especially to those clients that did not wish to physically engage in sex or any other activities with the models. One of the very first activities that ensured that the clients could get the service from the model from the very first day is webcam sex. The model provided many sexual services online and as long the client had access to the internet and a smart device, they could pleasure themselves while having an amazing time. Many services were provided to the clients such as dirty talking, webcam maturation, online striptease all of which were much better than porn and kept the client engaged with a model that could fulfill different requests while being life in real-time. The second activity that was extremely famous amongst the clients that wished to avoid physical touching once the regulations eased was striptease and sensual dancing. Many clients over the course of many weeks asked for the services of the model and had the pleasure of watching them play with themselves while they jerked off. The combination of a young energetic body swaying to the beat of the music while slowly losing each article of her clothing sure got the clients turned on.

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