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15 Fun Things to Try in the Bedroom with escort

15 Fun Things to Try in Your Bedroom with an Escort

Get ready to add spice to your sex life with these fun things you can enjoy in bed with your favorite Escort Frankfurt

Play sexy games

When you are in bed with your partner, the best way to learn more about them is to play fun and daring games with them. There are many games like sexy truth or dare where you can focus on intimate tasks and questions. Moreover, you can also play naked twister to get things wild.


To have more fun in bed one of the things which you can do is striptease your partner. You shouldn’t rush things, put on some sexy music, and take off your articles of clothing slowly. This will tease her and make her want you more. 

Talk dirty 

To start well in bed, talking dirty is one of the things which can lead up to a sexy night. It might be uncomfortable at first but when you get used to it, it can open up many boundaries. You can make breathtaking foreplay out of it and this might also help you in bringing out your fantasies.  

Erotic massage

Massages can always help you open up, and when you do erotic massage in bed there is nothing sexier than that. You can oil your partner and hit her spots right to make her feel all the pleasure in the world. 

Go blindfold

Introducing blindfold in sex can be a good way to spice things up between you two. The kinky moments will create an immense bond in bed which can lead up to more fun and excitement. With no sense of sight, you can improve your other senses. This shifts your focus on feeling the sensual touches from your partner which can ultimately increase pleasure 


This is a fantasy which almost every man carries in their heart. Either it is your favorite porn or your much-loved sex scene from a movie, you can act out anything you want with your partner to add enjoyment in bed and make the night more amusing. 

Fulfill nasty desires 

Bring out the sex demon of yours and lose yourself in the river of lust. Let all your nasty and kinky desires out so it can be catered by your partner. There is no harm in having any kind of fetish and anything can turn you on. so don’t hesitate in communicating with your partner and telling each other what you want. 

Play with food 

Mix a little bit of food to make the moments more erotic. Just like you have seen in many movies you can eat food off the body of your lady. Lick whipped cream off her neck or eat a strawberry from between her legs. Enjoy the food and taste of your partner’s body with a pinch of intimacy 

Try temperature play 

Temperature can play an important role in your bed. If you both agree on this thing, it can be the best you can do in bed. Put an ice cube in your mouth and draw all over the body of your partner. If you like things hot you can play along with hot wax. This temperature play will help you reach ultimate pleasure in a short time. 

Take sexy pictures  

Honestly, the moments you live in the bed are the ones that you can barely experience in your life. If your partner is as wild as you are, things can be a little nasty. You both can take sexy pictures of each other in some underwear or maybe clothing less than that. This will help you create an immensely deep bond between you two which will ultimately lead to good times.  

Experience new positions 

Trying out new things in bed can always be fun. Even if you don’t know how to do it, learn together with your partner. Scroll down the internet for some kinky and wild ideas, as the internet is filled with it. Consent upon a new position and try it out. Keep trying all the positions you can and see which one gave you the most pleasure 

Have pillow fight

Just like any other romantic movie you can make your night romantic as well. You see this more often behind the screen that a cute couple is having a pillow fight in bed and enjoying their time. It’s time to make your dream a reality, you can add up a little spice to it and have a naked pillow fight. 

Masturbate together

Watching each other playing with themselves can be fun as well as informative. You both can sit on the bed and masturbate simultaneously while watching each other. This will help you learn the anatomy of your partner and what makes her/him happy. Moreover, this act can be intimidating if done the right way.

Add toys 

Many people don’t like adding things up in their bed, if you are one of them you are missing out on a big thing. Ranging from BDSM toys to vibrators there are many toys in the market that can give all the pleasure in this world to your partner. Make your night more exciting by using toys on each other. 


The only thing which is beautiful and fun apart from sex in bed is cuddling. Wrap yourself around each other and lay down in the bed feeling the warmth of each other. She can lay her head on your chest while you can crease her naked waist to give her sensual touches. There is nothing better than cuddling in the game of sex.

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